Golden Wizard

SKU: c808g

This bestseller conjures up images of robed wizards contemplating the mysteries of the ages. Available in cherry, and briar wood! The pipe's tenon receives both charcoal and paper filters.

Pipe Dimensions:

Overall Length = 15”
Bowl Size = 2”
Chamber Diameter  = 3/4”
Chamber Depth = 7/8”
Stem Diameter = 1/2”



"I recently purchased a piece of art from your online store. I just received the wizard pipe…it has definitely surpassed all of my pre-conceived visions of what beauty this piece of art could hold, when you said that the pictures do no justice…you most certainly were not kidding!!!!!!! I must apologize to you, for I am not rich, and regrettably can’t afford to purchase two of every pipe you craft!!!! Any way I just wanted to state the obvious, and let you and your artisans know just how excellent of a job you are doing!!!!! You most certainly can expect to hear from me in the near future, I would like to see every one of your pipes in my collection! I will recommend MacQueen Pipes to everyone, it’s pretty rare that you can actually say that a company’s name truly means quality!!!"
Tony | Wisconsin, USA