Onyx Wizard

SKU: c808o
$79.99 USD

This bestseller conjures up images of robed wizards contemplating the mysteries of the ages. Available in cherry, and briar wood! The pipe's tenon receives both charcoal and paper filters.

Pipe Dimensions:

Overall Length = 15”
Bowl Size = 2”
Chamber Diameter  = 3/4”
Chamber Depth = 7/8”
Stem Diameter = 1/2”



"As the delighted owner of several LOTR-inspired wooden beauties, all I can say is this...I slowly pack the bowl with fragrant, rich tobacco, I put the oak stem to my lips, smelling the wax and wooden majesty, I light the bowl in slow circles and take the lovely first gentle puff...after the usual repack and relight, my jaw relaxes, my neck and shoulders relax, my spine softens, my respiration slows, softens and deepens...lost I am so happily in the green fields of Hobbiton, deep in the fragrant woods of Lothlorien...the leaf's aroma floats lazily about me, but I take the MacQueen craft work out of my mouth and hold it up to the available light.... noticing the gentle bend of the oak stem and the deep richness of the masterfully carved and hand-smoothed briar bowl... I smile. I forget the toils, the silliness and negativity of this modern, mechanized, filthy world, and instead, I sink ever deeper into a land of natural peace and tranquility, my spirit now free to fly to heaven, my hands warmed by fire, tobacco and wood, my breath, serene and calmed.

Yes, I only smoke tobacco. But the loving craftsmanship of the MacQueen pipe has freely entered me with the grace of Galadriel, the wit of Gandalf and the earthy charm of a Baggins."
Paul | Missouri, USA