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Artisan Barrel Rider

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Have you ever saved your travel company from the clutches of elven prison? Have you ever walked in shadow while staring fear straight in the eye? Maybe you've been attacked by 100lb spiders only to have them turn and run from your sting?

No? Many haven't... but the Artisan Barrel Rider has! The legend echoes in the forests of Mirkwood and beyond. This pipe is merely a tribute to the legend.

The Artisan Barrel Rider is available in your choice of cherry or briar. The brass hoops really make this pipe stand out and the engraved staves give the barrel a realistic look. The stabilized buckeye burl mouth bit is accompanied by a brass and ox horn band. The stem and mouth bit detach for easy cleaning. This pipe can receive a 6mm filter.

Pipe Dimensions:

Overall Length = 8”
Bowl Size = 2 1/2”
Chamber Diameter  = 3/4”
Chamber Depth = 1 1/2”
Tenon Insert Size= 1 1/4"
Stem Diameter= 1/2

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