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Olive Wizard

SKU: o808
$149.99 USD

The Olive Wizard Pipe is a mystical and elegant piece fit for any wizard. Its 13.5" long stem evokes visions of robed wizards contemplating the mysteries of the ages.

This pipe, made of high quality Olive wood, has a very unique grain pattern which adds to the pipe's charm. The detachable stem and Briar wood mouth tip make cleaning a breeze. Both ends of the stem are designed to accept both charcoal and paper filters providing an option for the user on how they wish to smoke it.

With its smooth and cool smoking experience, this pipe is perfect for any pipe lover. Take home the Olive Wizard Churchwarden Pipe and let your imagination wander.


Pipe Dimensions:
Overall Length = 15”
Bowl Size = 2”
Chamber Diameter = 3/4”
Chamber Depth = 7/8”
Stem Diameter = 1/2”

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